Preparing for a career in the law? Get advice on law school from experts at St. 365比分网电竞.

法律系的建议 is designed to help students determine if law school or a career in the legal field is an appropriate path to pursue, and assist those interested in law with the law school application process, as well as securing law-related internships and employment.


联系 Career and Professional Development if you have questions regarding pre-law resources, 事件, and additional information.


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Freshman and Sophomore Years: Maintain GPA while taking courses that are 写作- and research-intensive. Meet with a Career and Professional Development Center staff member to learn about a career in law, including pre-law internship opportunities. Considering joining law-related organizations, such as α δ.

大三: Prepare for taking the Law School 入学s Test (LSAT). Plan to take the LSAT in the spring of or summer after junior year.

大四: Register with the Law School 入学s Council (LSAC) and the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) as preparation for submitting law school applications. 最后期限 vary by school, but law school applications will be submitted roughly 8-10 months prior to enrollment.

Common law school application materials:

  • 应用程序的费用
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation
  • 考试的分数
  • Official Academic Transcript
  • 个人陈述
  • 专业的简历


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Recommendations to Students Considering Law School

  1. Take a variety of law-adjacent classes, 比如道德, 政治理论, 宏观经济学, 会计, 逻辑, 统计数据, 宪法, 法律研究, 和修辞. 联系 your academic advisor when preparing your schedule to accommodate classes of interest. Regardless of your major, these classes will help in preparing you for law school coursework. 进一步, any class that is reading-, 写作-, and/or research-intensive will help prepare you for law school, particular your first year.
  2. Talk to 法律专业学生 and practicing lawyers about opportunities and challenges in their respective graduate programs and careers. 
  3. Secure a law-related internship. While the day-to-day work might not be directly connected to the practice of law, this type of internship can provide valuable exposure to working in a legal environment and networking opportunities with legal professionals. A great place to begin the search for an internship is the Hilltop 职业生涯page.
  4. Calculate your likely expenses incurred and return on investment before attending law school. Explore available scholarships/fellowships to help offset the cost of your chosen program.
  5. Research law schools in the region where you might want to work after law school. It is often easier to find employment in the region where you went to law school, in part due to professional networking and on-campus recruiting. 参加圣. 爱德华的 研究生 and Professional School Fair each Fall. In 2016, visiting law schools included University of Texas at Austin, SMU, Baylor, St. Mary's University, Texas Tech, and the University of Houston, among others.
  6. 加入圣. 爱德华的 chapter of α δ, a student organization dedicated to those interested in attending law school and pursing a career in the legal profession. See the "α δ" section of this page for more information.
  7. For more information, contact the Career and Professional Development office (512.448.8530; to schedule an appointment with a career counselor.


  • Law School 入学 Council (LSAC) | Law school selection and LSAT resources
  • American Bar Association | Pre-law information from the ABA
  • 法律系的手册 & 常见问题 | Overview of pre-law recommendations and common questions
  • 写简历 准备好你的简历
  • α δ is an international legal fraternity that seeks to unite lawyers, 法律专业学生, and undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in the legal field. 圣. 爱德华的 chapter is a student organization that consists of current St. 爱德华的 students brought together by their interest in law. 进一步, it seeks to bring its members into contact with legal professionals as well as educate its members about the law school admissions process in a relationship of mutual respect and friendship.