As a Photography and Media Arts major, you’ll go beyond creating images to understanding the messages they encode in our highly visual culture.

Learn traditional analog film-based photography darkroom printing as you build on the basics with digital imaging. You’ll become well-versed in both black-and-white and color still photography as well as and video/film narratives. You’ll learn how to work in a professional studio setting and take elective courses like documentary photography, creative exploration, and alternative processes.  And you’ll understand, well, the big picture: how the technology and uses of photography have changed over time, and how you can help shape photography’s future.

What do our graduates do? Here’s just a sample:

  • Fashion designer and Project Runway judge
  • Owner and founder of New York City­­–based retouching studio
  • Associate producer at VICE Media
  • Publicity director of Brooklyn-based powerHouse Books, which specializes in fine art, documentary, pop culture, fashion and celebrity books
  • Art gallery manager at Texas Christian University
  • Fulbright Scholars
  • Masters of Fine Arts graduates 
  • Freelance wildlife photography

For more information on the Photography and Media Arts major or minor, please contact Sybil Miller, area coordinator of Photography and Media Arts.

Major Roadmap

Explore your options — classes, internships, research and study abroad. Use the Photography and Media Arts Major Guide to find what interests you, discover what you love, and create a major experience that jumpstarts your future. 

Meet Our Alumni

A group of Photography alumni stayed in touch as they chased their dreams in New York City. Throughout this journey, they were roommates, co-workers and friends. Together, they coordinated an exhibit at St. Edward’s called “Now or Never,” which showcased their artistic growth since graduating. Read their advice.

The Classroom and Beyond

Photo Lab

The Photography and Media Arts department is located in the state-of-the-art photo lab facility. Small, medium and large format cameras, plus flashes, tripods and other equipment are available for students to check-out throughout the semester. Digital work is completed in the Visu Printing Lab where there are scanners and large format printers dedicated to the Visual Studies department.

Art Gallery

There is also an art gallery in the facility where photography and art exhibits are held throughout the academic year. Senior Photography and Media Arts majors hang the annual Senior Exhibit in this space, and faculty exhibit their work in the biennial Faculty Exhibition.