For those who want to fight injustices and advance equity in all sectors, the 法律研究 minor can provide you with a deeper understanding of the complex legal system you need to achieve your goals.

A 法律研究 minor will prepare you to enter law school or careers where you will work alongside attorneys, 比如在公司里, nonprofit or governmental settings.

As the American Bar Association (ABA) notes, there is no single pre-law course of study. 而不是, the ABA recommends that undergraduates focus on developing reading, 写作 and critical thinking skills in a variety of contexts. 

With the interdisciplinary minor, you’ll get a grounding in Legal Ethics, 逻辑, 法律写作, the American Court System and more. 一旦你修完这门辅修课, you’ll have the critical thinking, 写作, public speaking and people skills you need to make a difference.


This 18-credit minor is well-suited for students not already in an existing pre-law track. It is designed to have minimal prerequisites and is open to all students.

The interdisciplinary 法律研究 Minor is valuable for students who plan to attend law school, as well as students pursuing careers in which familiarity with legal studies provides an advantage, 比如在商业中, 执法, 人力资源, 房地产, dispute resolution or government service.