All students who study abroad for a summer, 学期, or academic year must get pre-approval for the courses they intend to take abroad.

步骤1: Meet with your Success Coach to discuss possible courses to take abroad

步骤2: Meet with the 出国留学 Office to discuss program option

步骤3: Once you have decided on your study abroad program, 应用, 并且得到了批准, create a list of courses you may want to take while abroad and collect all the syllabi.  这取决于你的项目, you may not register for courses until you are already abroad so it is a good idea to get pre-approval from SEU for more courses than you plan on taking, in case there are schedule conflicts or a class is full.

步骤4: Meet with your Academic Adviser to review the courses you are interested in abroad 

步骤5: 提交1 出国留学 Course Approval Form 对于每个班级.  Each type of credit is reviewed by different faculty so it is important to only list one course per form.