The cost of studying abroad varies greatly depending on the type and length of the program and the destination. With the right information and advanced planning, most students can afford to study abroad.

Home School Tuition Billing

St. Edward's University is committed to ensure study abroad is an integral and viable educational opportunity for all undergraduates. SEU has a home tuition model for approved programs in order for study abroad to be equally accessible to all students. 

This model has students who are participating in semester education abroad programs pay their standard St. Edward’s tuition regardless of the overseas location. Under the policy, students may apply their St. Edward’s financial aid, including institutional merit and need-based financial aid to study abroad, just as they do when studying on campus. 

Non-tuition costs such as room and board are not paid to St. Edward’s University but are instead paid to the university or program directly by the student.

This policy applies to Fall, Spring and Academic Year programming.  This policy does not apply to summer or short-term study abroad programs, which run outside of the academic year.

Financial Aid

  • Study Abroad works with Student Financial Services to help you choose a program that allows you to maximize your financial aid package. Financial aid can be applied to the cost, but there are stipulations.
  • Institutional merit and need-based aid, as well as federal financial aid, can be applied to semester programs.
  • Summer programs vary in the ways financial aid can be applied. Contact your financial services advisor with questions.
  • Interested veterans should meet with the Military and Veterans Affairs coordinator to determine program eligibility and funding.
  • Federal work-study is not applicable.

SEU Study Abroad Scholarship

The St. Edward’s Study Abroad Scholarship provides financial support to students participating in study abroad. You must be enrolled full-time, have at least a 2.75 cumulative GPA and demonstrate financial need (as determined by Student Financial Services). If eligible, you’ll be prompted to complete an application after you’re approved for your program.

SEU Camino Scholarship

The purpose of the Camino scholarship program is to provide travel funds for Spanish
majors and minors to study abroad in Latin America and Spain, to increase and deepen
their knowledge of the cultures and civilizations of Spanish language countries and
their mastery of Spanish.  Contact the SEU Study Office for more information.

External Study Abroad Scholarships

In addition to federal and SEU aid, there are many external scholarships available for study abroad.  Some are general and others are specific but the list can be found above.