Expand Your Worldview by Studying Abroad

At St. Edward’s, study abroad opportunities are one of the many ways we foster a globally minded perspective throughout our campus community.

Our students have jumped at the opportunity to live, study, work and serve in more than 30 countries — including experiences at our international partner universities shown below. We could share dozens of compelling reasons to study abroad. Here are just a few.

Why should you study abroad?


You grow. 
Immerse yourself in your study abroad experience, and gain awareness, appreciation, understanding and knowledge of the diversity and interconnectedness of the world’s peoples and cultures. Prepare to have your views challenged, and be open to discovering new perspectives.


You adapt.
You’ll be in a new environment, where you may not know the language or understand the culture. To make the most of your experience, you’ll adapt to your new surroundings and become resourceful. Students who study abroad are more versatile learners — in and out of the classroom.

Stand out

You stand out.
Students who study abroad are more likely to graduate on time. Through study abroad, you’ll develop critical skills that employers want, and you’ll increase your network on a global scale — both of which set you up for success in your career and benefit you long after graduation.

Calendar of Events

Study Abroad hosts many events throughout the year to help you learn about program offerings and global internship opportunities. Check out the calendar to see our upcoming events.