Non-English Documentation

Student Disability Services prefers documentation be provided in English. Documentation received in a language other than English may delay the accommodation process and may require third party translation at the student's expense. Please contact our office as early as possible for a case by case consultation regarding non-English documentation. 

Temporary Illness or Injury

Students with a temporary illness or injury are not considered disabled by the law. The
University is not obligated to provide services to students with temporary, non-chronic
impairments that last less than six months and are not covered under the Americans with
Disabilities Act (1990).

However, some support may be provided to students with temporary illnesses or injuries. The Dean of Students Office can assist in initial support and referral services.
Students with temporary illness or injury who need support of any kind should contact the Dean of Students Office at 512-448-8408.

Documentation for Housing Accommodations

Please see Housing Accommodations for more specific information.