Meet Our Career Team!

As soon as you set foot on the hilltop, you are able to meet with a Career and Professional Development (CAPD) team member to discuss choosing a major/career. You will also build connections with potential employers, create a better understanding of yourself and your career options (through assessments) and search for roles both on and off the hilltop. You have access to CAPD services, programming, resources, and tools as a student and as an alumni.

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Brittany Stansel

Brittany Stansel
Interim Director
Assistant Director, First-Year Career Initiatives

Brittany Stansel is the Assistant Director for First-Year Career Initiatives in Career and Professional Development at St. Edward’s University. Brittany oversees and executes career development outreach initiatives focused on first-year residential students and assists with individual career coaching/advising to students and alumni of the university. Brittany has over four years of experience in career development and holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Science in Educational Leadership from Mississippi State University. Connect with Brittany on LinkedIn.

Jardin Telling

Jardin Telling
Assistant Director, Second-Year Career Initiatives

Jardin Telling is an Assistant Director for Second Year Career Initiatives, focusing specifically on career readiness with second-year students to assist them with career life post-graduation. She holds a BA in Global Studies from St. Edward's University, having graduated in 2012. She has over 10+ years of leadership experience, managerial expertise, and a background in sales and operations, hospitality, and events and marketing. Jardin is excited to bring her knowledge of career growth and readiness to the hilltop! Connect with Jardin on LinkedIn

Chris Finfrock

Chris Finfrock
Career Coach

Chris Finfrock is a Career Coach in Career and Professional Development at St. Edward’s University. Chris assists students in developing career goals, resume building/ cover letter writing, career exploration, and more. Chris has over 4 years of experience working in student-facing roles in higher education. He holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Texas State University. Connect with Chris on LinkedIn.

Bradley Rosa

Bradley Rosa
Career Coach

Bradley Rosa is a Career Coach in Career and Professional Development at St. Edward’s University. Bradley works with students and alumni to help further their career and professional goals through individual career coaching. Bradley spent seven years as a student here on the Hilltop and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Master of Science in Leadership and Change both from St. Edward’s University. Connect with Bradley on LinkedIn.

Meet our Peer Career Advisors

Melody Borg PCA

Melody Borg
Major: Management, Marketing
Graduates: December 2025
Favorite thing about SEU: “The friends I made, the community I found, and the possibility of getting involved in campus life really make my SEU experience amazingly amazing!"

Jackie Grimaldo Hernandez PCA

Jackie Grimaldo Hernandez
Major: Psychology
Graduates: May 2024
Favorite thing about SEU: “The small campus, abundance of trees, and caring professors.”

Harry Hauserman PCA

Harry Hauserman
Major: Finance
Graduates: December 2024
Favorite thing about SEU: "I like the combination of modern and old buildings on campus, as well as the sense of community that can be found on the Hilltop!"

Maia Raoux PCA

Maia Raoux
Major: Political Science
Graduates: May 2024
Favorite thing about SEU: “The green areas on campus and the sense of community that there is on the Hilltop.”

Justin Trevino PCA

Justin Trevino
Major: User Experience Design, Video Game Development
Graduates: May 2026
Favorite thing about SEU: "I love always sitting and talking with my friends outside of Meadows Coffee Shop."