GroupX Classes

免费预览周: 8月28日- 9月4日

GroupX will offer 14 classes a week with multiple payment plans available in Fall 2023. 

GroupX Class Passes may be purchased on IMLeagues 或亲自到RAC

  • GroupX Unlimited: $40/semester
  • groupx10班级通行证:$25
  • GroupX 1班级通行证:$5


Please note:

  • Students can reserve their spot using the IMLeagues website or download the app
    • Reserving a spot is highly recommended to reserve a spot in class as some facilities have minimal capacity
  • For schedule and class descriptions, visit our GroupX Website


    RecWell's nationally certified 私人教练 are here to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals.  Designed with all levels of fitness in mind, CPTs are here to support you no matter if you are a newbie to working out or are an elite competitive athlete.  Sessions start at just $50/session.

    现在准备好注册了?  Complete our 新客户端包 and return in person at the RAC or email to


    GroupX instructors built a digital library for access by students, faculty, staff, alumni, and our extended Hilltopper families. Please note:

    • GroupX instructors populated the pre-recorded content during the pandemic in 2020
    • Visit our RecWell YouTube频道 to access the FREE pre-recorded content


    Interested in a weight room orientation for your group? 一个定制的GroupX类? 健康教育讲习班? RecWell wants to come to you and support you and your needs. If you are interested in partnering with any area of RecWell, you can request our team to create a custom experience for you.

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