A student’s journey on the hilltop is a period of profound growth and transitions, filled with exposure to many new and different things. Navigating these changes can be challenging and students may struggle from time to time.

健康 & 咨询中心's (HCC) clinical staff guides students through difficulties by helping them to understand their situation and develop a plan of action with available resources so they can become the best version of themselves.   


从左到右:Molly Wang, LPC-S(心理辅导服务总监), 伊莎贝尔(行政助理), Dr. 迈克尔有层次感 (工作人员 Psychologist/Group Coordinator), 安德里亚·塞万提斯, 康乐及社会福利局(临床个案经理), Dr. Susie Martinez, PsyD (工作人员 Psychologist/CAMP Counselor)
从左到右:Molly Wang, LPC-S(心理辅导服务总监), 伊莎贝尔(行政助理), Dr. 迈克尔有层次感 (工作人员 Psychologist/Group Coordinator), 安德里亚·塞万提斯, 康乐及社会福利局(临床个案经理), Dr. Susie Martinez, PsyD (工作人员 Psychologist/CAMP Counselor)


Licensed counselors will be available 24/7/365 to provide immediate support for student concerns and refer any student who needs regular counseling to the HCC. Call 833-434-1217 to access the helpline.


Students who are currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate courses are generally eligible for counseling services. Incoming students who are registered but have never attended classes become eligible for services when they move onto campus and/or on the first day of classes.


At this time, counseling services are offered remotely and in-person. Enrolled students are eligible for counseling services, which include:


  • 短期辅导
  • 单一的会话
  • 危机干预
  • 稳定 & 推荐
  • 病例管理

To get started with an HCC clinician, please call 512-448-8538 during business hours for an initial phone 分流的约会. This is a brief phone conversation with one of our mental health professionals to assess the situation and explore the most appropriate treatment option, which may include any of the counseling services listed above.

We provide short term counseling (typically 6 biweekly sessions) for a variety of common life problems, 比如(但不限于)焦虑, 抑郁症, 艰难的生活转变, 悲伤和失落, 还有社交焦虑. The short term counseling focus is to develop a plan to achieve agreed upon goals by utilizing various resources and learning proven coping skills.

社区 resources will be provided through case management for students whose needs fall outside of the scope of the HCC's short term counseling model, 或者需要精神治疗的学生, 药物管理, 以及专门的治疗/评估.

请注意: 如果你目前居住在德克萨斯州以外, and we determine that you would benefit from ongoing counseling, we will make every attempt to connect you to services in your own state. Licensing laws do not allow mental health professionals to practice outside of the state in which they are licensed.

Crisis services will continue to be offered at the HCC during business hours (Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.)


HCC is offering a variety of workshops focused on mental health and wellness for Fall 2023.  Workshops are open to all students and provide an opportunity for students to drop in, 学习应对和发展的技能, and ask a mental health counselor questions.  无需注册. 


查看我们的合作伙伴 娱乐 & 健康教育 for more workshops, health outreach, and education.


Many students report feeling alone in their 斗争 even though almost every student seen at the HCC has talked about feeling this way.  HCC support groups provide a safe and confidential environment for students with similar concerns to share and discuss their experiences, 斗争, and feelings without fear of judgment or persecution while developing coping skills and gathering resources.

If you’re interested in joining a group or would like to request a specific group, please call the HCC during business hours at 512-448-8538 or e-mail Dr. 迈克尔有层次感,心理学家/小组协调员.


The HCC offers practicum training for doctorate-level graduate students in APA or regionally accredited clinical and/or counseling psychology programs. 了解 培训机会.


这张有用的图表探讨了 关于心理咨询的常见误解. Counseling is the practice of discussing and exploring issues with a trained professional in a safe and confidential environment to find ways to appropriately address the situation.