Transforming your idea into a reality

Business Plan Competition past winners showcased ingenuity and business savvy and won the votes of our esteemed panel of judges.

2020 Winners

1st Place: Matt Joyce, Campo – BBQ Cheese for Grilling
2nd Place: James Gauthreaux, Vertical Farming
3rd Place: Cristobal Diaz, Shukenko
4th Place: Romualdo Lozano, CreatorConnect

Bill Munday School of Business 2020 Competition Winners

2019 Winners

1st Place: Julian Ashutabi with Hope for All
2nd Place: Morgan Buyse with TrendID
3rd Place: Changwoo Shin, Jennifer Rangubphai, Daniel Barrios and Kyutae Kim with Thruck

2019 Business Plan Competition Participants

2018 Winners

1st Place: Nico Escalante, Everett Featherston and Ty Markee with Prime Time Sports
2nd Place: Isabella Medford and Nahomi Gomez with LOCAL
3rd Place: Amanda Markoe, Shea Balden, Lizette Cruz and Rachel Rosenberg with Stop the Flow

Business Plan Competition 2018

2017 Winners

1st Place: Jessica Martinsen and Paige Hanlon with the Lemur Chair
2nd Place: Ty Markee, Austin Stevens and Everett Featherston with Blue Vision Sport
3rd Place: Ann Nguyen, Allison Moujaes and Jesus Salazar with Kibitzer Ventures

Business Plan Competition 2017

2016 Winners

2nd Place: Rachael Davari and Penny Driver with Where My Girls App
2nd Place: Scott Baker with LiveRide

2015 Winners

1st Place: Regina Vatterott with EllieGrid
2nd Place: Derek Davies and Juan Alday with Eco-Sprilles
3rd Place: Taylor Bencomo, Nathalie Phan and Alex Duck with On Vinyl Music

"I have learned from the Business Plan Competition and from my previous ventures that the business faculty are willing to go out of their way to help, and they make it possible for young entrepreneurs like myself to be successful."
— Regina Vatterott, 1st Place Winner

2014 Winners

1st Place: Derek Davies with University Market
2nd Place: Charles Kahle and Catherine Hennessy with Austin Mobile Bike Services
3rd Place: Cole Mathis, Evan Pun and Travis Wilson with Provefit

"Professors in several business departments gave me feedback and also great encouragement. They never gave me the solutions... but, they helped guide me there and made me actually think about it rather than telling me what to do."
— Derek Davies, 1st Place Winner

2013 Winners

1st Place: Brandy Ray with Elements Hot Yoga
2nd Place: Jana Soares and Katharina Weber with Forget-Me-Not
3rd Place: Max Kunik with Wingman Drivers

2012 Winners

1st Place: Christopher Ferrell, Kellen Kincaid and Matthew Havron with
2nd Place: Beverly Baker, Britni McCotter and Gabe Maldanado with Hello House
3rd Place: Hamida Mitha and Siyolo Ndika with Hamida Mitha Designs

"The Business Plan Competition was a great experience. The framework learned there has been a helpful reference when working with our start-up clients now in our agency. I recommend the competition to all undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Business."
— Chris Ferrell, 1st Place Winner, currently the Digital Strategy Group Head for The Richards Group

2011 Winners

1st Place: James Wade with Imagination Magazine
2nd Place: Bobbi Whitney and Jenna Keale-Krueger with Homework Elves
3rd Place: Steve Danko with College Card

2010 Winners

1st Place: Chloe O'Rourke with Texas Vines
2nd Place: Lauren Crable with Swank Boutique
3rd Place: Anthony Carpenter with Avignon