What advice do you have for people applying to college?

Whether you are a first-time freshman, 转学生, 或者研究生, never let cost deter you from applying to your first-choice school. 通常, not only will there be merit-based scholarships available through your admission application, but you may also qualify for opportunities through FAFSA and other outside sources. It doesn’t hurt to get the whole picture of a financial package.

Describe your idea of a perfect day in Austin?

My idea of a perfect day in Austin starts off with a hike in the Greenbelt or a long run around Lady Bird Lake. Austin has a great food scene, so then I'll hit up a local food truck favorite like Arlo’s or Vegan Nom. I'll end the day with friends at one of the many live music venues in town.

What’s your favorite thing about St. 爱德华兹?

St. 爱德华兹 allows you to be yourself, from any walk of life. The relationships professionals and peers are able to build are genuine, and allow for everyone to have a place here, no matter what their interests may be.


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